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Counter Top Stands

Countertop Retail Display stands

Counter top display units designed and manufactured in the UK

Available with wooden display crates or wicker display baskets.  
All of these stands are normally held in stock and are usually delivered within 5 working days from order.

Free UK Mainland Delivery on orders over £250+VAT. 

0800 688 9085

Counter Display Units

Need a Counter Display? Why Should You Invest in One?

Business owners know the value of getting the most out of every customer. Every time someone walks into your store, you have the opportunity to sell to them. However, it is expensive to have that customer – who you have advertised to bring in to your store – leave without spending as much as possible. With a counter display, you gain the ability to increase impulse sales to each person who shops in your store.


Having a counter display can help to drive home the sales you have. For example, at DWD Retail Display, we provide you with a wide range of displays that sit right on your counter that encourage people to buy maybe more than they initially planned. It may be something small, such as a snack bar or a bag of crisps. It could be something that compliments the most common sales you have. In all cases, your goal is to get them to buy something more, and our displays do that.

How Should You Choose a Counter Top Display?

As each customer comes up to the counter to buy something, you want there to be some type of merchandising tool available that encourages them to make that last add-on purchase, impulse sale. A counter top display can do that for you. At DWD Retail Display, we provide these displays across the UK, providing a range of different products to sell the things your customers are most likely to want to buy.


When choosing a counter top display, then, it is important to choose one that is going to capture their attention. It should be brightly coloured and have clear graphics. Maybe it could also spin, It should also make the most room of the space it sits in. That is why you want to choose something that displays just a small number of items right at your customers’ eye level. That is what is going to get them to buy those add-ons in the most effective way possible.

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