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Retail Slatwall Display Stand 664mm wide


Enhance your retail space with our versatile line of plywood displays, designed to meet your unique needs! Our merchandising store fixture features 24 slots with a 100mm pitch, providing ample space for slatwall accessories. Whether you need shelves, baskets, or hanging hooks, our customizable display allows you to tailor your presentation to suit your specific location. With easy assembly and a durable construction, our plywood displays offer both functionality and style. Elevate your merchandise presentation and create a captivating shopping experience for your customers with our adaptable display solutions. Discover the possibilities and unlock the potential of your retail environment today!

  • Slatwall System: This is a type of display fixture commonly used in retail stores. It consists of panels with horizontal grooves or “slats” where various accessories can be attached.
  • Header Area: There’s a header area on the slatwall system measuring 664 x 160mm. This space can be used for displaying pricing or promotional signage to attract customers’ attention.
  • 24 Slots: The single-sided fixture has 24 slots, which allow for easy spacing out of the hooks to display products effectively. This helps in organizing the merchandise and ensuring a visually appealing display.
  • Quick Setup: The slatwall system is made of machined Ply Wood and requires no tools or hardware for setup. This quick setup feature makes it convenient for retailers to assemble and disassemble the unit as needed without hassle


£159.95 + Delivery & VAT 

Pack of 24 Slatwall Hooks are £35.95 + VAT


Height: 1550mm
Width: 664mm
Depth: 400mm


DWD Ply Wood Retail Slatwall Display Stand 664mm wide

Excluding VAT

    Normally Despatched within 3 working days of Order 

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