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DWD-WS6  Freestanding Counter Top Key Ring Spinner Stand


Key ring display stand.

This rotating counter display for key rings is a perfect attention grabbing display for key chains and apparel.

Design suited for point of sale placement such as counter tops and sales shelves.

This compact 4 sided stand is capable of displaying 48 facings of key rings across 4 sides, with multiple products per loop.

These robust stands compliment any sales area giving a professional, solid feel.

Manufactured in the UK and available in a durable plastic coated finish.

Comes with 48 x Hooks for Key Rings & Smaller Items


48 Hooks 4 Sided Keyring Counter Top Spinner

Footprint: 294mm X 294mm Height: 443mm



DWD-WS8 -Counter Top Key Ring Spinner Stand

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