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Display spinners

Why Add Display Spinners to Your Sales Counter?

You want to increase the number of sales your customers have, but you need to have the right way to manage and organize all of these products. That is not always easy to do. Sometimes you just do not have a lot of counter space to dedicate to these sales. That is where display spinners come into play. They are designed to turn, allowing the customer to look at a larger variety of items even though they have one common footprint. This works well when you have a smaller type of item that you can place on a countertop.


When you are considering having display spinners added to your layout, call DWD Retail Display. We design and prototype these displays for customers across the UK. We can create them based on your unique needs, as well as the messaging and colors that are right for your product. Once created, you can use them for your product and really benefit from the ease of use. They are an excellent way to get customers to buy something extra before they check out and leave your location.

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