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Spring Loaded Product Pushers


Shelf Organisation & Product Pushers

DWD are one of the UK’s Largest distributors of shelf organisation and management systems. Their spring loaded systems are renowned for it’s quality & reliabilty whilst remaining competitive on price!

Dividers are available in 30mm, 60mm & 120mm heights and depths to suit most standard shelving ranges.

Spring loaded pushers from 2 Newton to 14 Newton will manage all loadings and succesfully display the majority of products.

Shelf Management for Cigarettes, Spices, Cosmetics, Toiletries etc

DWD are one of the UK’s largest distributors of product pushers and dividers for Cigarettes, spices, cosmetics & toiletries displays.

Used independently on shelves or counters or designed to be built into Point of Sale display stands and fixtures, our massive range can cope with the display of any product.


Product Pushers for Point of Sale Displays

Free Standing displays can be designed to incorporate our spring loaded pushers.

In these applications, the pushers are used in conjunction with the grey slide rails and double sided tape is applied to the underside for easy installation if your design already incorporates a built in divider. If not our ‘T’ sections and dividers can be used in the normal way.

This ensures the display is always tidy and the product is kept pushed to the front which leads to increased sales and improved return on investment.

For display companies, we can also provide an 18mm wide ‘mini pusher’. This has a built in slide rail available in various lengths between 185mm – 360mm and with 2, 4 & 6 Newton spring strengths.

Our Pushers come in two standard widths, 28mm & 40mm. plus a ‘mini pusher’ that is 18mm wide.

The dividers come in 3 heights 30mm, 60mm & 120mm.
All our dividers are designed to adjust to the shelf depth that you require from 155mm to 465mm.

The pusher slide rails, are also designed to adjust to the shelf depth that you require from 250mm to 475mm but we can cut our own extrusion to shorter lengths if required.


Shelf Options

Our shelf management systems can be used on steel, wood, acrylic, glass & wire shelves.

Products are better displayed encouraging better stock control and making it easier for the shopper to find the product they are looking for.

Displays for Brands

Product pushers are great for POS Display stands and creating hot spots for Brand owners.

They ensure your products are displayed correctly which leads to improved sales and stock control.