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Shelf Merchandising

Developing a Shelf Merchandising Strategy

As you work to create a stunning display for a product, consider just how attractive the shelving you plan to use it. Determine how easy it is for customers to find the product they want. And, be sure it is something that fits in the allotted space for your product. Shelf merchandising is more than just choosing something that holds the product. It also needs to contribute to the sale of that product as well. Having a strategy like this is very important.


At DWD Retail Display in the UK, we work with you to create the best possible shelf merchandising strategy for your products. You can choose things like pegged products that are ideal for items that are in high customer demand. You can also choose front-load stocking solutions that help to ensure that employees can keep the unit filled easily. You also want to consider shelving that comes with the product from the warehouse, as this can reduce the cost of product handling.

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