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wav and .aiff files into completely new'synthesized' audio instruments - perfect for original and fresh synth-prog arrangements. 1.3.5 10 Jan 2008 Fixes for navigation. Version 1.3.4 16 Dec 2007 Fixed a rare bug in the USB driver. Fixes for a music download issue. Version 1.3.3 14 Dec 2007 (In development) More content for more instruments - an Omnisphere synth should never be left without some quality content to play! Fixes for navigation issues. Many more content updates. Version 1.3.2 11 Dec 2007 Version 1.3.1 5 Nov 2007 Fixes for an issue that would cause the synthesizer to hang. Version 1.3.0 4 Oct 2007 Audio patching file support! (See Tutorial). Fixed a navigation bug with the sampler. Version 1.2.6 29 Sep 2007 Fixed a bug in the track list filter. Fixed a rare freeze bug. Version 1.2.5 27 Sep 2007 Fixed a bug in the online file browser. Version 1.2.4 25 Sep 2007 A navigation bug that could cause the program to hang while loading some patches. Version 1.2.3 23 Sep 2007 The 'content list' filter has been updated to filter by file type and size. Version 1.2.2 22 Sep 2007 Fixed a bug with the navigation menu. Version 1.2.1 20 Sep 2007 Added compatibility with the newer version of Windows Vista. Fixed a bug in the navigation menu. Version 1.2.0 16 Sep 2007 Omnisphere's content can now be downloaded with the push of a button! Added another navigation menu option. Omnisphere now supports multiple content lists. Version 1.1.7 14 Sep 2007 Fixed a crash bug. Version 1.1.6 13 Sep 2007 Fixed a navigation bug. Version 1.1.5 12 Sep 2007 Fixed an audio bug that caused the




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Torrentomnisphere2crackcomplete marimei
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