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DWD-WS18 - Gift Wrap Roll Display Baskets with Handles - WHITE


Gift Wrap Roll display bin available in white.

An elegant alternative to the basic Wire Dump Bin.

Our stylish display bin features handles that allow for easy movement within your store.

This versatile display bin is an ideal choice for plush products, rolls of gift wrap or bulky sale items placed at the entry or queue areas of a store.

Made from strong steel wire makes this display sturdy and long lasting.

Wire design means content is visible from all angles.

500mm wide  x 500mm deep x 600mm tall.

Upgrade your stores visual appeal and create an organised and professional display giving your store till area a clean polished finish, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Wire construction that tapers to a solid metal base which allows for convenient nesting when not in use minimising clutter in your store.

Manufactured in the UK.




DWD-WS18 - Gift Wrap Roll Display Basket – Dump Bin With Handles

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