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DWD-WS4  Freestanding  4 Sided Mesh Panel Spinner Stand on Castors


4 sided wire grid display stand.

The wire mesh floor spinner is one of our most popular and flexible wire display stands, giving the ability to position loops or hooks in any arrangement.

Each side is made up of a grid panel with 3mm cross wires and 6mm line wires set at a pitch of 100mm x 25mm giving great flexibility for hook positions for hanging products.

The top of the stand has a built in wire graphic holder for signage or header board.

A popular choice for hanging calendars, sweets, beach toys, slippers and shoes.

Supplied with an extra strong plastic base allowing this display stand to hold in excess of 75kg.

The stand gives a professional and sturdy finish to accompany products of any size. 

This rotating display rack allows you to create a bespoke layout for your products, ideal for impulse purchase and on sale products.

Comes with 50 x 200mm Hooks and header holder on top


Four-Sided Mesh Floor Stand

Footprint: 517mm X 517mm Height: 1700mm



DWD-WS4 - 4 Sided Wire Mesh Panel Spinner with Hooks

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