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Merchandiser Units

Merchandiser Units – Consider the Range of Options

Merchandiser units are designed to provide an easy way for consumers to see what you have to sell. Some of these are designed by product brands who want to place them within retail locations as a stand-alone product. However, retailers can also purchase these units to use for a range of products over time. In all cases, our team at DWD Retail Display can help you to get just what you want and need for your products and your business goals.


When buying merchandiser units from us, we will work with you to get the results just right. You may want something that corresponds with a special promotion or a new product launch. You may want a unit that is interactive that gets people to stop and check it out. Our team at DWD Retail Display works with you to determine the best level of style and look for your product to get just the right amount of attention.

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