Bespoke Retail Stands – The Manufacturing Process

With faster internet speeds, it is now far easier to manage projects without the need to initially visit a client to take their brief for the design of a bespoke display stand.

Our 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke retail display stands enables us to easily understand a new or existing clients requirements from a short telephone conversation or email which will provide sufficient information so we can prepare initial sketches of showing suggestions of how their stand will look together with dimensions and the materials we are proposing.

Once emailed to the client, the sketches may require some tweaking but we can normally reach agreement for a design within 24 hours of the original enquiry, this will then enable us to prepare some budget costings for manufacturing the stands together with the price of manufacturing a prototype or the cost of preparing rendered visuals.

If the client chooses to have a prototype prepared, this generally takes 2-3 weeks and this will then be taken to the clients premises to assemble or delivered to the client for self-assemble if the client prefers.

After this stage of the process, there is normally a small amount of tweaking to the design and dimensions required and this will enable us to prepare final costings and agree them with the client.

Production of the stands normally takes between 3-4 weeks and allows for printing the graphics, manufacturing custom made packing boxes, assembly instructions and labels etc to ensure safe onward delivery to the client’s warehouse.

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